Penguin cut outs on frozen Lake Michigan

Penguins on Lake Michigan. Chefs on street corners. A doghouse in front of a jewelry store. These are some of the ways we’ve broken with convention to break through the clutter. We do what it takes-print, video, digital, plastic penguins on a frozen lake-to reach, engage, and compel an audience. Our clients benefit with greater awareness, deeper customer engagement, and yes, better sales.



Our office is located in the beautiful historical home that served as Traverse City’s first hospital. How cool is that?

PB&J Office Exterior


A few testimonials…

“This is such an important effort; the team at PB&J really helped us get the word out about the 211 project. They’re amazing”
-United Way of Northwest Michigan
“Wow, these are amazing! We’ve been so proud to share these videos. Thank you so much for all the extra work you put into this project!”
-Benzie Area Christian Neighbors (BACN)
“We are so blessed to be your clients. You have helped us create a tremendous brand and more importantly, we consider you friends!”
-Maxbauer Specialty Meat Market